The Birds and the Bees

I can’t believe that two months has flown by without a new entry. I guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun… or at least terribly distracted by a million other things. Spring has definitely arrived complete with rain storms, weeds, flowers, bee swarms, baby birds, and lots of chores.


The last time I shared news, we had just lost three of our four muscovy ducks. One day since, I trekked through the woods and found the fox den marked by an abundance of white duck feathers. I think the evidence speaks for itself.

Minnie, the only survivor, was definitely not herself after. She moped around, barely ate, and wasn’t very interactive… until I brought home Renard, another drake her age. Let’s just say, to keep this a family post, the fireworks started in the first thirty seconds! They have been fast friends ever since and she is now setting full-time on a clutch of 19 eggs.


Renard (above left) and Minnie (right) following along. 

Duck Eggs

It has been a fascinating process to watch as she carefully turns the eggs each day, feathers her nest, and has dutifully protected her prizes from those noisy guineas.

Duck Nest

And speaking of guineas, they too have been laying eggs, but seem to do so more haphazardly. I find the oddly shaped, small eggs in the strangest places including under the feeder, in the yard, and even on the ramp going into the house. It’s as if one of them was just walking along, felt the need to lay an egg, did so, and then just kept walking. Guineas are indeed a strange bird, but they lay a very delicious egg. In addition to their foraging, the proportion of less white and more yolk makes a very rich and creamy egg. The only challenge is cracking them as the shell is thick and hard, but the reward is worth it. PopSugar posted a convert’s experience with guinea eggs here. I did save about fifteen eggs to start incubating and currently have seven that are viable. If all goes well, they should be hatching this week.

All in all, this has been a good start to the season, and I’m thankful that we’ve had enough rain to keep things blooming and healthy. But after a week of rain, it’s time for some sunshine. Irises